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Live as a Viking!

You live in an authentic building and cook your own viking meal over fire. In the evening you can use the sauna and jump in the beautiful lake. Next to the Viking Village is a nature preserve and a Viking Age burial site with 165 graves.andring-1-300×120.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”120″ />  BOOK HERE!

Crowdfunding for a new hall

Storholmen on

In 2016 we at Storholmen Viking Village lost our great hall in a tragic fire. Now, two years later, we are finally ready to rebuild a new great hall, but we need your help!

If you will, please go to our Gofundme and share it on facebook or any other social media so that it gets a good spread and hopefully we can reach our goal.

If you donate at least 500 SEK (50€) you will get your own personal roof shake on the great hall with your name and location written on it.


Fire at Storholmen

The fire at Storholmen

We are incredibly sorry to say that our great exhibition hall have burned to the ground last night. The cause of the fire is unknown. We from Storholmen would like to thank everyone for the wonderfull support we are receiving, it is warming our hearts.

Since we have had so many people contacting us about how they can help or support we have started a collection. We are extremly greatful for everyone that wants to help us!

You can use the app Swish and send money to: 123 033 57 45
Or you can transfer money to our account: 8242-0, 3 913 505-8

If you want to help in any other way you are welcome to contact us on our e-mail:
For all of you who would like to come out and help us build, contact us and we will be in touch!

We need all the support we can get!
Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has supported!

We would like to thank some an extra time for their generous contribution!
Thank you Henrik Schyffert who gave back his salary from Folkfesten Kulturmötet.
Thank you Pär Linusson who gives back his salary from marketing.
Thank you ICA Väddö who will have a collection and then double the amount collected.
Thank you Kultursparken for your donation.
Thank you Per-Anders Wikström and Folkets hus Hallstavik for your donation.
Thank you ABF for your donation.
Thank you Roslagens Konstnärsgille for your support.

Continued support from Roslagens Sparbank

Thank you for your support to our diversity day and children’s activities!

logo bank stiftelse 2

Thanks to support from Roslagens Sparbanks foundations we can, together with several other museums in Norrtälje, arrange a day with focus on diversity and cultural history. They also generously contribute so that all of Norrtäljes school children can come and visit us at Storholmen with their school class.

A big and warm thank you!