Visit us!

Summer opened 19 July – 6 August
If you want to visit us at other times, you can book a private event or group visit. 

When Storholmen is unmanned and closed, you may still be able to look around the area. In that case contact us, to make sure the museum is not booked by a group. Call: 0046-703425170, or email:

  • The museum and surroundings

    Storholmen is an Archeological Open Air museum, beautifully located on a peninsula in the large lake Erken. Storholmen has several houses, constructed after archeological methods. A large viking hall, 24…

  • Voluntary work

    In summer people from all over the world gather in the Viking village to work together. Most people you will meet here comes from the Storholmen Viking association, others are…

  • Guided tours

    A guide in authentic Viking costume will lead you through the Viking Village and tell you about the mythical Viking Age. You will learn about  everyday life, craftsmanship, clothes, food…