We arrange different activities:

  • Live s a Viking! Stay the night in an authentic building. Cost: From 3,600 SEK per house (2-4 people), including meal and sauna
  • Sauna evening, “prehistoric spa” (from 3,000 SEK/group,  max 18 persons)
  • Courses in prehistoric crafts and Viking games

If you want to know more about any of these you are more than welcome to contact us on bokning@storholmen.org. If you have any other ideas, contact us and we shall see if we can arrange something for you.

  • Guided tours

    A guide in authentic Viking costume will lead you through the Viking Village and tell you about the mythical Viking Age. You will learn about  everyday life, craftsmanship, clothes, food…

  • Live as a viking

    Do you want to try out living as a Viking? Bring family and friends and sleep over in one of our authentic buildings! You live in an authentic building and…

  • Sauna evening and Viking boat-trip

    Sauna with Viking activities including Viking games and boat trip. Boat trips only in the warmer season. Sauna and Viking boat trip: 9- 16 people 8,500 SEK Only Sauna: Max…