Viking Summer

In summer the museum is open for spontaneous visits, fun for all ages!

16th of July – 2nd of august 2024                                                                                            Tuesdays- Saturdays                                                                                                            12.00-16.00


Prices 2024:
Children 0-2 years: Free
Children 3-15 years: 100 SEK
Adults: 140 SEK
Seniors: 100 SEK

TICKETS: You buy your ticket at the entrance.

Activities for all ages
Learn from the Vikings as they do their everyday chores and crafts.  Try the blacksmiths hammer, create something out of wool, make a glass bead or a basket, or why not bake you own flatbread over the open fire? Learn how to write runes.

When the horn signals, it indicates something special is about to happen!  Viking games, a boat trip, prehistoric music, lectures, or maybe the storyteller arriving.

The Viking village is beautifully located by the lake Erken, surrounded  by Viking age remnants. Several reconstructed buildings, such as a long-hall creates an authentic atmosphere in the museum.

A Viking Age burial site with 165 graves and a nature preserve with oak trees, is located just next to the Viking village, as is also a child friendly sandy beach.

Example of activities

  • Viking games
  • Singing & music
  • Storytelling
  • Viking age handicrafts
  • Café & souvenir sales