Storholmen Viking association

Storholmen Viking association

Storholmen Archaeological Open Air museum is run by a foundation. Connected to the museum is also the voluntary Storholmen Viking association. The association is the museum´s support association. The members populate the village and makes the Viking Age come alive through their knowledge and enthusiasm.


As a member you have the opportunity to take part in the Viking village activities, such as courses and journeys of different kinds. You will get continuous information about member activities, and also updated information about the village.

The purpose of the association:

Extract from the Statutes of the Association:
”§ 2. The associations’ main purpose is to promote the interest and knowledge about the Nordic ancient times in different ways and to promote cooperation between associations with similar interests.”

Members fee

If you want to be a members you forward the members fee into the associations bank account (Bankgiro 456-8465 for Swedish members) and then send your contact information to That way you will get information about the activities directly to your mailbox. Fill in the information clearly, with your full name, address, phone number and birth year.

One person: 200 kr for one calender year
Family: 350 kr for  one calender year