Folkfesten Kulturmötet – national day Celebration 6/6 2021

National day celebration and “folk-fest”
6 June 2021

A creative meeting place for all! Activities for all, old, young and children!

kulturmötet hjarta o rubrik frilagd

When: Every other year. next time 6 June 2021 11:00-16:30.

Se short clip from a previous Folkfest event HERE!



Ann Westin –  Swedish commedian (in swedish)

Roslagens Vokalensemble –  Lokal proffessional choir

Kulturskolans Barnkör –  Lokal kids choir, siw and seven year olds sings a varied programme

Golbang  – World musik in world class musical magic in a meeting between Baluchistan, Persien, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Sweden.

Lele Lele Orchestra – Intensive and captivating bulgarian folk music and balkan-romsk repertoar.

Dagslända – New local band, that interpret poems of famous Swedish poet  Stig Dagerman.

Norrtälje Musikkår – High class brass band, established in 1982

TO DO ALL DAY 11-16.30

The event is a bustling meeting place, and national day celebration for everyone, regardless of background, age, and gender. Throughout the day, children and adults can listen to music, try out crafts, games and other activities from different times and places. Local associations and organizations showcase their work.

  • Bake your own flat bread from several places in the world over the ambers.
  • Balloons for everyone
  • DIY, create something new from something old
  • Henna tatoos, with students from SFI (Swedish for immigrants)
  • Viking games
  • Local clubs and organisations presents their activities
  • Create a “doodle-plank” with local artists
  • Write in runes
  • Black smithy
  • Trum-jam, try to play the drums
  • Zumba
  • Wool handicrafts
  • Viking boats and traditional wooden boats
  • MM….


  • food from near and far, and cafeteria.
  • Local crafts

The organizer is Storholmen Viking Village in closer collaboration with SFI Norrtälje, and Refugee-Help Väddö, also around thirty local associations, organizations and companies take part.

A big and warm thanks to Roslagens Sparbanks stiftelser for support!
Thank you, Association for Integration and Music! Thank you ABF, Ica Väddö and other Sponsors!

And a warm hug to all participating associations & organizations!