About the viking village of Storholmen

StorytellingStorholmen has been a place of history, learning and cultural exchange for more than 20 years. The museum stands on four pillars: Living history activities, School programmes, events, guided tours, and events for groups.

As a visitor you are more than just an observer, instead you can choose to be a part of all activities. Our goal is for you to get a rich experience of the Viking Age,  and to gain new knowledge and unexpected insights about Viking Age in this region.

Vikingar i båtWe also want to shed light on the relations and exchanges through out the Viking age world. Of course the Viking age was a time of travel, not just in raids and in war, but mainly in trade and diplomacy. For example:

  • Why do we only hear about all the placess the vikings went, but never about all those who came here from near and far?
  • How come viking myths are so similair to Greek, Egypt and even Christian stories, years before the church was ever established in the north?
  • What was the importance of the Vikings relations to the Sapmi people who live right here in Scandinavia?
  • How come we find so much Arab silver from the viking age? Where did we get our silver, silk and glass from, and why were these things considered so valuable?

Other questions we want to shed light on, has to do with every day lives of the people, the social relations of women, men, children, rich and poor back at the farmsted. Whad did they eat? How did they dress? What might they have longed for, or feared?