About Storholmen Viking Village

StorytellingStorholmen is a place for learning, fun and cultural exchange, and has been so for more than 20 years. We offer living history programmes for schools and other groups, events and guided tours. The gates are open every summer.

As a visitor you are more than an observer, you can be a part of all activities. Our goal is for you to gain unexpected insights about Viking Age in this region.

Vikingar i båtWe also want to shed light on the relations and exchanges through out the Viking age world. The Viking age was a time of travel, not just for raids and in war, but mainly in trade and diplomacy. 


Most importantly we want to shed light on on the every day lives of the people, the social relations of women, men, children, rich and poor back at the farmsted. Whad did they eat? How did they dress? What might they have longed for, or feared?