Welcome to Storholmen Viking village

In the Viking village of  Storholmen you will receive a historical experience, regardless of age. Here you will encounter exciting people from the east as well as the west, teaching you ancient handicrafts, and telling you about the every day life of viking age.

At the Storholmen Vikingvillage, you can:

  • Book activities for children and adults  all year
  • Book feasts  and weddings
  • Experience guided tours in the village and in the nearby Viking Age burial ground all year
  • Visit the village during summer and try ancient handicrafts


E-post: info@storholmen.org
Phone: +46(0)176 - 553 11 

Voluntary work for peace

In summer people from many parts of the world gather in the viking village to work together. Meet us all in the viking village in summer. Welcome!

Most people you will meet are coming from the suport club of the museum, others are craftsmen and women that have found their way to us. Storholmen also co-operates with a peace organisation called Internationella Arbetslag (IAL). It is the Swedish branch of the international peace organisation Service Civil International (SCI). IAL was founded in 1943 and has since then worked for an ecological and multicultural society characterized by solidarity, non-violence and understanding between people. IAL is a non-profit voluntary organisation independent of religion and party-politics.



Phone: +(46) 0176-55311

E-mail: info@storholmen.org

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