Sauna -and barbeque evening

Dinner and sauna with typical Viking activities including Viking games and handicrafts.

Food and beverages are included.

Seven hours. Works best when started around 16.00 and ends around 23.00.

Food and beverages:
Grilled herb- and garlic-marinated pork loin, honey-glazed root vegetables, fresh bread, homemade garlic sauce, herb butter and salad. Vegetarian options can be ordered. Beer or wine with dinner.

Minimum of 10 and maximum of 25 guests.

Handicrafts: Included handicrafts are glass bead making, blacksmithing and making flatbread over an open fire.


Program Example


Chief Bearclaw and his Vikings will divide the visitors in teams, “ätter” or “families” in English, which will compete against each other in different Viking games.  All the families will be welcomed with a drinking ceremony “dricka lagom” including a horn with mead.

Viking games (sports)
The signal of the horn will gather the guests in the courtyard were the Housecarls of the village will teach Viking games for the teams to compete in.

After the games, the teams will try out, and learn more about Viking age handicrafts such as Blacksmithing, glass bead making and cooking.

The horn blower’s horn is heard once again and dinner is served! Chieftain Bearclaw greets the guests of the evening welcome! The dinner will be served in our authentic Viking kings hall.

After the dinner the guests are invited down to the lake where a warm sauna awaits them.