Guided tours

In the Viking village skilled guides will lead you through our village and its buildings while we tell you about the mythical Viking Age.

Britta med hus

Meet up with a guide in authentic Viking clothes that will tell you about everything from everyday life and celebrations to craftsmanship, clothes food and travels to the east. The guide will also tell you about all the remains in and around Norrtälje from the Viking age. In Roslagen there is for example more than seventy rune stones and countless beautiful Viking age burial fields.

  • Length of program: approximately 1,5 hour
  • Maximum amount of people: 45

If you wish to be more than 45 people or add something to the guiding you can contact us and we can create a program that will fit your group better.

If you want to come out the same day and be guided? Usually we need some time to prepare, but it might be possible to arrange something with short notice. Send us an e-mail and check! We will then adjust the guiding after the conditions and the size of the group.