The museum and surroundings

Båt i ErkenStorholmen is an Archeological open air museum, beautifully located on a peninsula in the big lake Erken.

Storholmen has five houses, constructed after archeological methods. There are also a cooking house, a grill, a sauna, a black smithy, viking boats, and herb gardens.
A large viking hall, 24X10 m, is under construction.

Right next to the Viking Village there is a nature preserve and a Iron Age burial field with 165 Viking burial mounds and other types of graves.

The museum is located in an exciting historical region that tell stories of important contacts to the East. There are around 70 rune stones in the region of Roslagen, some of them at a close distance from Storholmen.

About 200 m from the museum is a child friendly sandy beach. A little walk further, about 400 m, there is also a pizzeria.