About the viking village of Storholmen

StorytellingAt Storholmen the visitor is more than just an observer, instead they can choose to be a part of all that is happening around them. Our goal is for the visitors to get a rich and ingenious experience of the Viking Age and to leave with new knowledge after a day of excitement. It can be anything from new insights about the Viking age, things you had no idea about or something that intrigues you to learn more about how history is made.

Our open air Museum stands on four pillars: School activity, guided tours, open days with activities for families and feasts and events for groups.

storholmen-67Storholmen keeps on growing with new buildings and surroundings constructed after archeological methods. The museum comes more to life for each building we make! Besides our many homes we also have an exhibition hall with a café were you can read about the everyday life of the Vikings and look at reconstructed items.

The museum is beautifully located on a peninsula in the lake Erken. We are also right next to a nature reserve which is also a Viking age grave field.